Monday, May 23, 2016

Service Project: Planting Flowers for Veterans at Fisher House

For the final service project of the year, our troop served our Veterans and their families.  When we finished our badge work during meetings this winter, we pulled out cardstock and markers and let the girls decorate.  The cards were delivered to guests staying at the Fisher House when we planted flowers there  this spring.

At our school's Open House this fall, our girls hosted a Bake Sale.  All proceeds were to benefit Veterans and their families staying at the Fisher House.  Note:  For our Cincinnati-area friends, contact the House Manager directly when trying to schedule a service project.  We were originally working through her, but somehow one of our messages was routed through Volunteer Services.  I placed multiple calls and left many messages for them, but we couldn't get answers.  I was eventually able to get back in touch with the House Manager, and she promptly scheduled a date for our visit.

Prior to this event, our co-leader and I visited the House and assessed the needs.  There were two corner boxes and two round planters on the front porch.  We decided on the number of red, white, and blue flowers to purchase and made a note to pick up plastic gloves and top soil.

One April evening, we carpooled to the Fisher House and got to work.  The girls removed the dead mums that remained in the planters from the fall.  They added topsoil to the planters and arranged the new annuals as desired.  After cleaning up, the Fisher House had a fresh look for spring.

The girls raised the money on their own and made these improvements themselves.  They were quite proud of this accomplishment, knowing the beautiful flowers may brighten the day for others in need.  After cleaning up, we headed downtown for a Bridging Event.  I invite you to check back soon as I'll be sharing those details in my next post.  Thank you for reading.

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