Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Girl Scout Juliettes

In the fall, I posted our plans for the school year.  At that time, many of the girls in our troop planned to participate in other extracurricular activities which placed greater demands on their time.  Some changes needed to be made to retain our membership.  We were so happy we were able to accommodate schedules, and we did not lose any girls this year.  As our older girls prepare to start Junior High this fall, I imagine they will be faced with some tough decisions. 

Speaking of tough decisions...after serving for six years, I decided to step down as troop leader.   I am focusing my time and energy on a special project I hope to have completed by the end of the summer.  Please stay tuned for an announcement about this project. 
While my daughters will not be involved in troop activities next year, they will be registered as Juliettes.  I will mentor their badge work, and continue to share our experiences here.  I have truly enjoyed connecting with other leaders through this blog.  I hope you consider checking back with us as we start on this new adventure in Girl Scouting.  Thank you for reading.

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