Wednesday, April 4, 2012


ROY G BIV...I think it is safe to say that most of us recall learning this acronym in grade school when we were memorizing the sequence of the colors of the rainbow.  Thanks to a catchy little jingle in an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it was easy for my young daughters to remember the color sequence ("Mickey's Color Adventure").  Daisy Girl Scouts can learn the Girl Scout Law, using their knowledge of the rainbow.  This post will hopefully answer questions or start conversations about Daisies for readers who are new to Girl Scouts.

Girls spend their kindergarten and first grade years as Daisy Girl Scouts, learning the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.  They participate in activities designed to help them earn their Daisy petals.  The 10 petals correspond to the 10 components of the Girl Scout Law.  The blue Daisy center represents the Girl Scout Promise. 

Our troop spent their first year earning the DAISY CENTER along with the ORANGE, RED, SPRING GREEN, ROSE, and MAGENTA petals.  They have worked on their DARK PURPLE, LIGHT BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, and VIOLET petals this year.  It worked best for us to split the petals between the two years instead of working on all of them in one year.  I should mention that we have not tried any of the Daisy Journeys that are available.  Since we focused on half the petals each year, the troop was able to complete a couple different activities for every petal.  During each meeting and outing, we directed their attention to the appropriate part of the Law for repetition and reinforcement.

When I first started as a Daisy leader, I was overwhelmed with the freedom provided to leaders by the organization.  We all function under the same framework, but our options are endless.  I hope you will find my future posts helpful as you navigate your way through your first couple years as a Girl Scout leader.  I know what has worked well for us may not work for others.  I always enjoy hearing what other troops have planned.  Thank you for reading!

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