Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cookie Sale Paper Plate Game

Our Brownies have been working on their Family Story badges at home over the holidays, and the plan was to have the girls share what they learned during our next meeting.  I recently learned that half of the girls in the troop are not going to be there.  Knowing there would only be a couple of Family Story presentations, I decided to plan some other fun activities to keep the girls entertained for the remainder of the meeting.  In my last post, I provided some alternatives to the popular Pinterest Paper Plate Game.  As I was running errands this morning, I came up with a paper plate game related to the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.  Hope you enjoy! 

Cookie Sale Paper Plate Game
1.  Draw a table.
2.  Draw boxes of Girl Scout cookies on the table.
3.  Draw a Girl Scout next to the table.
4.  The Girl Scout is wearing a vest.  Add badges to the vest.
5.  The Girl Scout is holding a sign with the cost of one box of cookies.

2 points if your cookies are on the table.
1 point for each box of cookies.
1 point if your Girl Scout is next to but not touching the table.  
1 point if the vest is on the Girl Scout.
1 point for each badge that is touching the vest.
1 point if the Girl Scout is touching the sign.
1 point if the cost of a box of cookies is correct.
2 points if the cost of the cookies is on the sign.

Girl Scouts at all levels can enjoy this fun game, and I think it can be played at any time of the year.  Cookie Sales in our area started yesterday.  I invite you to check out the other posts I've published describing how our girls have geared up and prepared for Cookie Sales in the past.  (Look for the Cookies! label in the left margin as you scroll down the page).  During this cookie season, bundle up, stay safe, and have fun!  

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