Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Junior Girl Scouts: aMUSE Journey Day Four

Our Junior Girl Scout troop met every Wednesday in September, working on the aMUSE Journey.  Check out this post (and the links provided within the post) to read how the girls have spent their time during the meetings. 

Originally, the girls were supposed to perform their stereotype-busting puppet show during the fourth and final Journey meeting; however, they needed more time to write their script than we expected.  They also wanted to create some scenery for the puppet show.  We decided to postpone the performance to allow the girls adequate time to prepare.

4:15pm  Girls arrive.

4:30pm  Girl Scout Promise.  Sharing:  The girls were asked to bring to the meeting one accessory or article of clothing that represents who she is.  They each had an opportunity to show the accessory and describe how it makes her feel (using pg. 69 in Junior Journey Book as a guide).  

4:45pm  Finish puppet show script.

5:30pm  Decorate poster board as scenery for puppet show.
HOMEWORK:  Pg. 58-61 in Junior Journey Book.  (My "Role Call" Log--keep track of all the roles you play for a specific amount of time, and Trading Roles--the girls are encouraged to try new roles, and the workbook helps them figure out what they learned through the experience).

6:00pm  Closing. 

NOTE:  While I expected the troop to complete this Journey in four meetings, they needed extra time to finish their script and paint the scenery.  They were given an additional 20 minutes during the next two meetings to finish this project.  The puppet show was then scheduled for the following meeting.  Parents were asked to arrive a little earlier than usual to pick up their daughter.  The girls performed their puppet show for their parents and younger siblings.  They did an amazing job, and we're so proud of them!
At the beginning of October, we had three Brownies join our troop (they happen to be the younger sisters of our Juniors).  This is my first experience with a blended troop.  So far, it's been a smooth transition.  I hope you check back with us.  I would love to share our experiences with you.  Thanks for reading!

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