Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ornaments: Let It Snow!

A friend of mine is preparing to host a Christmas tea party in a couple of months.  Earlier this spring, she asked if I would make some snow-filled ornaments that she could set on the tables for her guests.  After doing some research online, I decided on the supplies I would use for the project.

Bags of snow were not yet available at the craft stores when I began making the ornaments this spring.  I searched online and found that Buffalo Snow Flurries would work best.  I was able to get a five-quart bag of snow for $7 with free shipping.  I am now writing this post in August, and I know craft store shelves are stocked and ready for Christmas.  I called our neighborhood Hobby Lobby, and they do not currently carry large bags of snow.  It should be noted that they do sell smaller bags, but it would have been too expensive to purchase the quantity I needed.

I used a 40% off coupon to purchase the ornaments.  There are 12 glass ornaments in the package, and each ornament measures 2 5/8" in diameter.  I purchased them for $5.11 a box. 

I found it worked best to remove the tops from the ornaments and to set each ornament upright in the packaging.  A funnel made it easy to get the snow into the ornament.  Pour slowly and don't be surprised if the snow gets clogged in the funnel.  I used a pen to gently force the snow into the ornament.

I measured 1/3 cup of the snow to pour into each ornament.  Once I established my technique, it only took me 15 minutes to fill a dozen ornaments.  Be prepared for a bit of a mess--the countertop and my shirt were covered with styrofoam snow, but it cleaned up easily.  I know the math doesn't support this statement, but I was able to fill 72 ornaments with one five-quart bag of snow.

I chose to use a 1/4" sheer red ribbon.  I purchased the ribbon during a 50% off sale, so each spool of ribbon was $1.11.  I cut the ribbon into 11" pieces for bows.  I needed 4 spools of ribbon to make bows for the 72 ornaments.  I tied the bow around the top of the ornament and adhered it with a small dot of hot glue. 
Here is the final ornament.  My friend is going to use a red paint pen to add some embellishments.   The process was a little messy, but it was easy and inexpensive.  It cost less than $0.60 to make each of these beautiful ornaments.  Maybe our Girl Scout troop would like to make these at our Christmas party this year?  They could decorate them with Sharpie markers to make them their own.  These ornaments would be cute gifts--what a great service project idea!  Thank you for reading.

UPDATE:  My friend loved the ornaments and asked me to make two dozen more.  Since the craft stores still weren't carrying large bags of snow, I went back to order the same product online.  It wasn't available, so I ended up ordering a 4-quart bag of Buffalo Snow Eco Flurries from Ace Hardware for $7.  They shipped it to the store for free, and I picked it up without any issues.  I used about half of the bag to fill two dozen ornaments.  I updated this post because I LOVED this product!!!  Even though I couldn't pour the Eco Flurries like the Snow Flurries, it was easy to use a pen to get them through the funnel and into the ornament.  The Eco Flurries weren't messy like the Snow Flurries, and they didn't cling to the sides of the ornament.  The result is so much better.  Here, you can see for yourself. 

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