Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fry Box Bridging Gift

As I was wandering through the aisles of Hobby Lobby one afternoon, I came across some adorable fry boxes near the gift boxes and bags.  I purchased a package of 10 (with a 40% off coupon, of course).  After the discount, they cost about a quarter a piece.  I planned to hold onto them with the intention of transforming them into cute birthday party favors or holiday gift boxes.  Over the course of this harsh and seemingly endless winter, I have often found myself daydreaming about spring.  This May, our Brownie troop will bridge to Juniors.  When these girls bridged from Daisies to Brownies, I gave them a wooden plaqueAs they fly-up to the next level in Girl Scouting, I want to recognize their accomplishments with a small gift.  I remembered a Bridging gift idea I originally saw on Pinterest (here is a link to the actual blog post).  Today, I will show how I decorated and filled a fry box that I will give to the girls at their Bridging Ceremony in May.

I used a scrap piece of patterned paper to make a template.  Using this template, I would cut the scrapbook paper to cover the fry box.  I played around with the 6"x12" paper, bending and folding it to find the best way to wrap the box.  Then I traced the box and cut out the template.

After cutting the template, I made sure the edges of the paper matched the edges of the fry box when wrapped.  I knew I would have to do some trimming around the side edges, but this template would work.  I could cover two fry boxes with one sheet of 12"x12" scrapbook paper.

I bought 12"x12" sheets of green polka dot paper for $0.69 a sheet.  I could have waited for a sale, but I was excited to get started.  I cut the sheets in half.  I turned over one piece of 6"x12" paper and traced and cut out the template.

I used an Elmer's glue stick to adhere the paper to the front and back of the fry box.  I folded the paper around the sides like I was wrapping a present and then glued each side edge to the box.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned some wooden plaques.  Last year, I made more of these wooden plaques for the girls in my younger daughter's Daisy troop.  I had some ribbon remaining from that craft, and I decided to use it on these fry boxes.  A 10" piece of ribbon wrapped perfectly around the box.

I used tacky glue to adhere the ribbon to the box.  I held the ribbon in place for a minute until it dried.  When I cover the rest of the boxes, I will probably use clothespins to secure the ribbon until the glue dries.

I used the Creative Memories Circle Cutter to cut 2" circles out of white cardstock.  I used a gluestick to adhere the circle to the box.  I completed the decoration by placing a sticker on the circle.  I originally purchased these Brownie Girl Scout stickers from Michael's for the girls to decorate their pill bottle first aid kits.  

I adopted Donna's idea and filled the box with a package of Daisy seeds to remind the girls of where they have been.  I added a package of Junior Mints to represent their future in Girl Scouts.  I tucked the Brownie Wings and the Bridge to Brownie Arc in the bottom of the box.  Maybe we will serve brownies at the Bridging Ceremony? 

One of our troop meetings in April will be devoted to planning the Bridging Ceremony.  Not only will the girls be taking ownership of the event, they will be satisfying the 5th step for the Celebrating Community badge.  Please check back--I will share their ideas in a future post.  Thanks for reading!

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