Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Brownies" Hike

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, our Brownie troop went on our first overnight camping trip at the end of September.  We had planned activities that would fulfill the five steps required to earn the Hiker badge.  A scavenger hunt happened to be an activity that would satisfy one step for both the Hiker and the Senses badges.  I had found a Nature Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest.  I had also heard of the "ABC Hike" where you search for natural items that resemble or begin with the letters of the alphabet.  Our co-leader took this "ABC Hike" one step further.  She suggested we take a "Brownies Hike" which she explained to the girls as a shortened version of the "ABC Hike."  We gave our girls the opportunity to vote, and the "Brownies Hike" won by a landslide.  We set off into the woods.  

B:  bridge
R:  Rock (just happens to be in the shape on an "O")
O:  knot in this fallen tree branch
W:  the tree branches in the center form a "W"
N:  Nuts
I:  the stick is dotted by the rock (lowercase "i")

E: egg? They thought this GIANT mushroom was an ostrich egg.
S:  Spider Web (extends from the left top corner of the photo)
The girls had such a great time on our hike that they wanted to go back out the next morning.  Everyone participated, and we were really impressed by their discoveries.  Super creative!  

Taking a different trail or spelling a different word (like "Girl Scouts," "Campfires," or "Kapers") would produce different results.  The opportunities are endless.  I hope you have as much fun as we did!  Thanks for reading.

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