Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daisy note holders

My mom was a teacher.  My grandma was a teacher.  My mother-in-law was even a teacher.  I feel like I may have missed something when I decided to become a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Regardless, I have found my niche serving as a Girl Scout Leader.  I love preparing lessons and presenting different opportunities through which the girls are able to learn and grow.  While I strongly argue that Girl Scouts is so much more than crafts and singing, the girls in our troop certainly enjoy the crafts they have completed during our meetings.
My mom retired from teaching in 2011, and she no longer needed many of the craft supplies she had accumulated over the years.  She donated these supplies for our troop to use.  We also have an aunt who cleaned out her basement and passed along beads, foam, felt, straws, pipecleaners, name it, we now have it.  We used these donated supplies to fashion friendship pins, fingerprint flowerpots, Daisy bracelets, and beaded Christmas ornaments.  Often the crafts are tied into a lesson, and the girls earn the respective petal. By using donated supplies, our girls were using their resources wisely and were working toward earning their green petal.

In the boxes of donated craft supplies, I came across a stash of googly eyes.  I knew exactly how to use them!  A few months earlier, I happened to bookmark lion and lamb note holders from the Family Fun website.  I decided to modify the craft for our Kickoff Meeting.  The girls made this adorable Daisy note holder.  
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love to scrapbook.  I save the scraps of cardstock that remain after I have finished a page.  I used the Cricut to cut 1.5" yellow circles and white flowers, using these scraps.  Don't have a Cricut?  No worries.  Use a circle punch or trace around the bottom of a can of tomato paste and cut the circles out by hand (though this is more time consuming, of course).  Many scrapbook stores have die-cuts that can be used for free as long as the paper is purchased from that store.  Cardstock runs around $0.70 for a 12"x12" sheet, though it can often be found on sale at craft stores.  I work on many projects at Scraps Etc and Archiver's in Cincinnati.  At the beginning of our first year together as a troop, I purchased clothespins to use on our kaper chart.  I found a package of 50 wooden clothespins for around $1.  Since we had only used 11 clothespins, we did not have to spend any additional money for this craft.  

The girls decorated their white flower after gluing the yellow center to the flower with a glue stick.  They adhered the googly eyes on before gluing the flower to the pair of clothespins.  The clasp end of the clothespin should be facing the top of the flower in order to hold the note.  Find a spot for this note holder on a bedroom dresser or a kitchen counter to hold reminders for troop meetings and outings.  For example, a note could read,  "bring Girl's Guide to next meeting," or "remember to take extra socks for roller skating."  The girls are then being responsible for what they say and do.  Hmm...that sounds familiar.  (orange petal)  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the holder!!! Love the blog!!! So many useful and fun ideas!